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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used to heal the human body for centuries. The definition of "Massage" is defined as the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints, especially to relieve tension and or pain. The use of hands, forearms, elbows, fingers and (during specific modalities), devices can relax and de-stress a body. Massage brings the mind, body and spirit together as one.

There are many different modalities, or "styles" of massage. Each one playing a vital role in healiing. Every body is different, therefore the techniques used in the healing process differ from patient to patient. Massage can treat an array of issues, such as stress, anxiety, muscle pain, fatigue and tension. Massage can be used for pure relaxation or as a preventitive health measure. Getting massages regularly is a great way to prevent serious injury.

Muscle has memory and when placed into specific movements they remember what their range of motion is. It may take some time but eventually your body will know what to do. For an example, an athlete who competes at a high level sport and then breaks a leg. Massage can be used along with physical therapy for rehabilitation purposes. This becomes extremely vital when a body goes through a traumatic experience.

During massage our bodies go through "physiological" change. One of these responses is called " the relaxation response". This is an involuntary, yet predictable response of the Nervous system. A "mechanical" response is a physical effect that occurs when pressure is applied to soft tissue. Too much to fast can injure tissue, The correct amount of applied pressure will vary from patient to patient. Both the "relaxation" and "mechanical" responses can produce physical and emotional benefits. Massage also helps promote healing by increased circulation, which moves toxins through and out of your body faster than normal. This change takes place at a metabolic level. Some patient's may feel dizzy or light headed after a massage. This is due to the toxin levels moving through your system. Drinking lots of water after a massage will not only help flush those toxins through the body but water acts as a lubricant as well.

As a Nevada Licensed Massage Therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), I will work one on one to create the best treatment plan designed specifically for each individual.

Review our services menu below. For scheduling and monthly specials, please call Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine at (702) 582-1800 or Kreative Sol Massage & Bodywork at (702) 635-6656.

Services menu

Signature Massage

...........50 min. $75

...........60 min. $90

Includes one full hour of rest and relaxation designed with a lighter touch.

Deep Tissue Massage

.......60 min $100

......75 min $120

......90 min $140

.....120 min $180

During a deep tissue massage, the focus is on specific muscles or muscle groups to release tension, deactivate trigger points and bring your mind, body and spirit closer to ultimate healing.

Pregnancy Massage

........50 min $65

........60 min $85

Pregnancy massage can assist the mother-to-be in relaxing her ligaments and joints in and around her low back, hips and feet. This massage is performed in the sidelined position with your favorite oversized stuffed animal or body pillow. (Please specify which one you are bringing during the scheduliing process) These additional tools allow the mother to get into a more relaxed state. Pressure is taken off the hips and legs while sidelined which helps increase blood flow and circulation to baby as well as the lower extremeties of our mother-to-be. (Woman with "High Risk" pregnancy must provide doctor's note stating massage is indicated).

Add on's

Cupping Massage

....................$25 Add to Signature or Deep Tissue massage.

Cupping is a specific technique which focuses blood flow and circulation to a particular area of muscle. This modality also concentrates on lifting up connective tissue allowiing interstitial fluids to flow more evenly throughout the body.

Hot Stone Massage

.................$25 Add to Signature or Deep Tissue massage

Warm river stones are used to penetrate the musculoskeletal system and to get a deeper state of relaxation. The stones are placed in specific pathways to engage energy meridians. Areas like the forehead, chin, cheeks, hands, toes and of course the spine.

Foot/ hand scrubs

...................$15 Add to any massage.

Used to exfoliate dead skin from hands and feet.

Sinus Drainage

....................$20 Add to any massage.

Assist in the drainage and clearing of the sinus cavity. Great for allergy sufferers and best done between extreme seasonal changes.


.....................$20 Add to any massage.

Choose from an array of highly concentrated aromatherapy scents that will create, enhance, relax and alleviate pain symptoms. I can add any aromatherapy scent to lotion or oil as well as in the air.

Ear Candling

.........45 min $55

Ear candling draws out ear wax and sinus material. These irritants clog our sinus cavity which create allergy related concerns. This technique has been around since ancient Egypt and uses a linen tube that has been dipped in bees wax. (call for description) The cone shape creates a vacuum seal that draws out unwanted ear wax and sinus material. Should be done at a min of every 3 months. (depending on patient severity) or between every extreme season. Example; between Summer & Fall or Winter & Spring. (CANNOT BE DONE WHILE ACTIVE SINUS INFECTION IS PRESENT).

Body wraps and body scrubs to be added in the near future.

Massage Specials

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